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What are the biggest dangers on Georgia roads for 2024?

On Behalf of | Feb 1, 2024 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

When people take to the Georgia roads, they do not want to think about the potential dangers lurking around every corner. The possibility of an auto accident with injuries and death is a legitimate worry. This goes beyond the natural fear of being a driver, passenger, bicyclist or pedestrian and is backed up by the most recent statistics.

In the past several years, the roads have gotten worse with drivers increasingly ignoring the laws, failing to think about others sharing the road, driving while distracted, getting behind the wheel under the influence, and driving while drowsy. The latest statistics are from 2022 and it shows how fatal collisions are on the rise. The problem is getting worse and it is ominous for 2024.

GDOT fatality numbers show the frequency of fatal crashes

According to the Georgia Department of Transportation, there were nearly 2,000 fatalities on state roadways in 2022. That came to approximately five each day. This was a slight improvement from the previous year. Still, there are troubling signs.

A significant proportion of the fatal accidents were connected to one of the following: speeding (16%); driver impairment (18%); and aggressive driving (20%). Seventeen percent of the deaths were pedestrians.

Researchers and safety experts say drivers simply adhering to the law would significantly reduce the number of collisions, serious injuries and deaths. Nearly half of all accidents are believed to have some form of distraction. Pedestrians are particularly at risk. Problematically, people are still behaving in these dangerous ways.

State entities like the Georgia Department of Public Health have been given grant money for various safety programs. Studies were also financed to try and specify precisely why accidents are occurring and to formulate solutions to try and avoid them.

People are advised to be vigilant and predictable, watching for possible issues on the road. If there is a driver behaving recklessly, simply moving to the side and letting them pass is preferable to keeping up with them or getting in their path. Watching for drivers who are looking down is useful as this is a sign of distraction. If a driver is weaving in and out of traffic, it could be a sign of inebriation or tiredness. Pedestrians should wear bright, reflective clothing and follow the traffic laws. Calling police to notify them of a reckless driver is also useful.

Despite this well-meaning guidance, the reality is that many accidents are going to happen no matter what steps people take to prevent them. With that, it is essential to know what can happen in the aftermath and the be prepared for it.

Auto accidents can leave people searching for answers

After a motor vehicle accident, people will experience stress, fear and questions about their physical, personal and financial future. Medical expenses amass with incredible speed and, with the injured person unable to work, can be left unpaid. Family members will wonder how they will care for an injured loved one and how to pay for it. When there is a fatality, concerns are magnified.

Once there has been a crash, people must consider their options to recover all that was lost. Gathering evidence, dealing with insurance companies and weighing the available strategies can be complicated and having guidance is vital to decide what can be done.