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Notable Results For Our Clients

Construction accident, wrongful death.  A crane malfunction caused a construction worker to be struck by a piece of falling equipment, causing serious injury and eventual death.  Claims were made against the owner of the equipment for negligent operation, and against the manufacturer of the equipment for defective design.  Combined settlement of $3,200,000.

Motorcycle accident, broken leg.  An inattentive driver pulled in front of a motorcycle, causing the motorcycle rider to collide with the car.  The client sustained a broken leg and dislocated shoulder.  Settlement of $465,000.

Truck Accident, back injury.  The client’s vehicle was hit on the driver’s side by a loaded tractor trailer which ran through a red traffic light.  The collision caused the driver to sustain a lower back injury.  The client had a history of back problems and had a prior back surgery.  Total settlement of $705,000.

Nursing home negligence, wrongful death.  Elderly dementia patient in a personal care home became choked on her food, causing a blockage of her airway resulting in cardiac arrest and death.  There was conflicting medical evidence as to whether the patient required medical supervision during the consumption of her meals.  Settlement of $250,000.

Truck Accident, broken hip.  Younger man was hit head-on by an 18 wheeler.  The client sustained a fractured pelvis, fractured knee, and closed head injury.  Muliple surgeries required. Settlement of  $1,000,000.

Auto Accident, low back injury.  A young man was rear ended by an intoxicated driver, causing him lower back pain.  Medical treatment was arranged, including minimally invasive surgery which relieved his pain and allowed him to return to work.  The case settled 4 months after the accident for $300,000.

Auto Accident, low back injury.  A middle aged woman was struck head-on while driving her car when an approaching vehicle crossed the center line.  The woman experienced lower back pain, eventually resulting in surgery.  Policy limits settlement of $200,000.

Auto Accident, bulging disc.  Young female involved in motor vehicle accident.  MRI of spine  revealed a bulging disc possibly related to the auto accident.  The client’s pain resolved in 2 months with physical therapy.  Settlement of $65,000.

Truck Accident, herniated disc.  The driver of an 18 wheeler was forced off the road and down an embankment when another truck failed to yield right of way at an intersection. The client sustained a compression fracture of the spine and a herniated disc.   Settlement of  $325,000.

Auto Accident, premature birth.  A pregnant woman riding as a passenger in a vehicle was hit from the side by another vehicle which ran a red light, causing the client’s vehicle to roll over.  The woman sustained abdominal injury, causing placental bleeding and requiring emergency caesarian section. Policy limits settlements to mother and child totaling $332,000.

Auto Accident, shoulder injury.  The client was pulling out of a shopping center at a traffic light when a vehicle on the main street ran through a red light and struck the client’s car.  As a result of the collision the client sustained a tear in his left shoulder, requiring surgery.  Policy limits settlement of $200,000.

Auto Accident, neck injury.  Middle aged man was hit head-on by an elderly driver who crossed the center line.  Diagnosed with shoulder impingement and bulging disc in the neck (non-surgical).  Settled for insurance policy limits of $100,000.

Dog Bite, leg injury.  A woman was bitten on the calf by a dog while making a food delivery.  The dog had a history of biting people.  The bite got infected, necessitating IV antibiotics.  Settlement for $86,000 plus medical care.

Auto Accident, low back injury.  Client injured his lower back in auto accident when his vehicle was rear ended.  Doctors diagnosed a slipped disc ; medical evidence was conflicting over whether the disc injury was pre-existing.  No surgery recommended.   Settlement for $126,000.

Auto Accident, knee injury.  Client broke her wrist and kneecap when an oncoming vehicle turned left in front of her.  Settlement for insurance policy limits of $125,000 six months after the accident.

Auto Accident, low back injury.  client’s vehicle was struck in the rear when she stopped for traffic at a red light.  As a result of the collision she experienced an aggravation of her pre-existing low back pain.  Treatment eventually lead to low back surgery.  Settlement of $475,000.

Motorcycle Accident, multiple injuries.  Client’s was driving his motorcycle down a main road, when an uber automobile pulled out of a side-street and failed to yield.  The client’s motorcycle hit the side of the vehicle.  The Client sustained multiple injuries, including a fractured arm, fractured pelvis, a ruptured bladder, broken ribs, a skull fracture, and a fractured lumber vertebra.  Confidential settlement of three separate insurance policies, all of which paid their coverage limit.

Auto Accident, hip injury.  Driver in a vehicle sustained an aggravation of pre-existing hip arthritis when his vehicle was rear-ended.   Post-accident medical treatment lead to hip replacement surgery, though the surgery had been recommended prior to the accident.  Policy limits settlement of $100,000.

Auto Accident, fractured ankle.  Pick up truck driver was struck head‑on when an oncoming vehicle crossed the center line in a straightaway.  Settled for policy limits of $175,000.

Auto Accident, multiple injuries.  Client was involved in a high speed motor vehicle accident when another driver pulled out in front of him from a side street.  The client was airlifted to a trauma hospital with a broken hip and leg, lacerated spleen, broken ribs, and collapsed lung. Multiple surgeries were performed.  Five separate insurance policies were located, and each paid its coverage limit.  Total settlement of $430,000.

Auto Accident, neck injury.  The client collided with a vehicle which ran a red light.  The client had his hands on the steering wheel at the time of the accident.  After the accident the client developed numbness and tingling in his arms and hands.  Neck surgery was needed to resolve his injury.  Settlement of $236,000.

Auto Accident, broken leg.  Older woman who was riding as a passenger was involved in a single car accident when the driver of her vehicle ran off the road and into a ditch, causing the vehicle to turn over.  The client was airlifted to a trauma hospital for surgery.  The claim settled in 3 months for a confidential amount, with all insurers paying maximum coverage limits.

Slip and Fall, back injury.  Customer in a convenience store injured her low back when she slipped and fell on a wet floor just inside the store entrance. Investigation revealed that the store’s air conditioner was in the ceiling and that water had dripped through and onto the floor.  Settled for $55,000.

Auto Accident, facial scarring.  The female passenger of an automobile sustained a facial scar when the vehicle she was riding in turned over, ejecting her.  Settlement of $350,000.

Workers Compensation, neck injury.  Young female assembly plant worker injured her neck and shoulder when pulling parts off a shelf.  Injury to cervical disc, requiring surgery.  Settlement of $108,000.

Workers Compensation, shoulder and back injury.  Waiter slipped in water on the floor of his restaurant during his shift.  He injured his lower back and shoulder when he grabbed a counter to prevent himself from falling.  The client received conservative medical care for his shoulder and back.  Settlement of $125,000 after a year of medical treatment.

Workers Compensation, lower back injury.  Door to door salesman sustained a lower back injury when he lost his balance and fall down a short flight of stairs, causing an injury to his  lower back.  Non-surgical medical treatment was provided through workers compensation.  The case was tried before a workers compensation judge to establish the client’s right to weekly disability checks.  Subsequently the claim settled for $150,000.

Workers Compensation, nerve injury.  Worker sustained a nerve injury to his leg/groin area when his foot slipped while at work, causing him to do a split. Settlement of $185,000.

Workers compensation, finger amputation.  The tip of the client’s finger was cut off as a result of defective equipment.  Total settlement $140,000.

Workers Compensation, low back injury.  Handyman injured while hanging a heavy picture which slipped, causing him to injure his lower back trying to catch it.  Settlement of $180,000.

Workers Compensation, low back injury.  Nurse injured low back while catching a falling patient. Settlement of $180,000.

Workers Compensation, shoulder injury.  Employee injured his shoulder while lifting a pipe reamer on a construction site.  No surgery needed.  Settled for $70,000.

Workplace fatality.  Worker was crushed by lumber that fell off the front of a forklift.  Settlement of $250,000.

Workers Compensation, neck injury.  Employee injured his neck at work while lifting a metal beam.  He was recommended for surgery, but unable to have surgery due to having an unrelated heart attack which prevented treatment.  Settled for $95,000.

Workers Compensation, back injury.  Employee injured her back working for Simos.  The treating doctor recommended surgery, which the insurance company denied.  The case went to trial, and the workers compensation judge ordered Simos to pay for back surgery.  Eventual settlement of $62,500.

Workers Compensation, knee injury.  Warehouse employee injured when a roll of carpet padding fell off a stack and rolled into her, injuring her knee.  Knee surgery paid for by workers comp, plus lost wages for a year, following by settlement of $76,000.