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Upholding Your Workers’ Compensation Rights

If you were injured on the job, workers’ compensation pays for your medical care and replacement wages. But employers and their insurers often dispute claims, refuse necessary treatment or try to terminate the claim prematurely. Insurance companies often hire a nurse to attend medical appointments with you, or to meet with your doctor in private. These things are not done for your benefit. You need an experienced advocate to fight for you.

While many workers compensation claims end with a lump sum settlement, settlement is not guaranteed under Georgia law. Proper development of your case is essential to maximize your workers comp settlement. Don’t leave your future up to chance, or in the hands of a secretary or paralegal at one of those flashy TV law firms. Hire an experienced attorney and see the difference it makes.

You have a powerful advocate in the Law Office of John Dufour. Our attorney has 25 years of experience helping injured workers of West Georgia. He will stand up for your rights and pursue legal action to secure or retain your workers’ comp benefits.

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West Georgia Workers’ Comp Lawyer

If you were injured in a work-related capacity – regardless of fault – you are covered by Georgia workers’ compensation. We represent people across many industries who have suffered workplace injuries, from construction workers and retail employees to CNAs at hospitals and nursing homes.

John Dufour has experience with all types of work injury claims, including:

  • Low back injuries from heavy lifting
  • Injuries to shoulders and knees
  • Head injuries from falling objects or low clearance
  • Repetitive stress injuries such as carpal tunnel
  • Auto accidents while driving on duty
  • Injuries from power tools or machinery
  • Slip-and-falls from workplace safety hazards

We also represent injured workers in third-party personal injury lawsuits. You could be entitled to compensation over and above workers’ comp, such as damages for pain and suffering, if a negligent property owner, subcontractor, manufacturer or motorist contributed to your work accident.

We Can Step In To Advocate For You

Initial workers’ comp claims may be rejected if the employer disputes that the injury is work-related or serious enough to miss work. Other problems often arise farther down the road. You realize you aren’t getting full benefits or your disability rating is too low. The insurer is dragging their feet on authorizing surgery, an MRI, a medication or physical therapy. Or maybe the employer is pressuring you to return to work and threatening to cut off your benefits.

We can intervene at any stage to fight for your benefits or appeal a denied claim to the State Board of Workers’ Compensation. We can also negotiate lump sum settlements for permanent disability. John Dufour is an experienced litigator who is not intimidated by any employer or big insurer.

One-On-One Attention From An Experienced Attorney

John will personally handle your workers’ compensation case and help you get the medical treatment you need to recover. We take cases throughout Carroll County and surrounding counties of West Georgia. Get a free consultation at 770-215-1733, or reach out by email.