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Common slip and fall accidents and where they can happen

On Behalf of | Aug 1, 2023 | Premises Liability

The most common personal injury claims involve slip and fall accidents that impact the lives of millions. The events can occur anywhere, from private homes and public spaces.

Prominent premise liability settings

Parking lots are particularly treacherous. The simple act of walking to a building can lead to life-changing injuries. Simple wear and tear combined with a lack of maintenance can result in unevenness in the pavement. Poor lighting from burned-out light bulbs also presents challenges in navigating potentially treacherous ground, not to mention curbs and other obstacles.

The common routine of stopping to put gas in your car can lead to life-changing consequences. Risks abound while fueling, specifically slips and falls due to gasoline, water, or any liquid spill. The warning signs often go unnoticed until someone hits the ground and suffers serious, if not life-changing, injuries.

Bars and restaurants are bustling businesses where wait staff rush to get food and drink to their customers as soon as possible. That hustle and bustle can result in catastrophic accidents, particularly when a restaurant already has inherent design layout flaws that welcome hazards to customers and employees.

Waterparks and pools represent “fun in the sun.” However, the terrain alone has can be inherently dangerous, with an increased probability of catastrophe. Slippery surfaces about near swimming pools. Poor drainage only makes a bad situation worse, as does a lack of barriers to prevent unsupervised access to the water. Solutions include non-slip surfaces and properly maintained pool equipment.

Enterprises interested in staying afloat should proactively protect customers and avoid calamities that could result in personal injury lawsuits.